Wakayama Race Report(Mid Winter 2016)

Midwinter regatta has been held from 6 to 7 February at Wakayama, same location as the Worlds.

Dr.Shirahama(Owner of JPN5483) gave a brief report regarding wind conditions, which might be useful information for those who are aiming for the Worlds.

Although in the different season, the wind condition was similar to last year’s Nationals (held at Wakayama) and was shifty. Strategy around the weather mark looked particularly important in this shifty Northerly breeze. Some boats came up to the weather mark in good position but couldn’t manage it only because they couldn’t play the shifts well.

The Race Committee did a wonderful job to make the most out of this difficult condition.

Wind data

Date       6-Feb      6-Feb      6-Feb      6-Feb      7-Feb      7-Feb

Starting time          11:13      12:12      13:08      14:10      10:30      11:40

Finishing time        11:41.0    12:52.3   13:47.0   15:01.1   11:18.3    12:36.5

Wind direction       350°        340°        340°        350°        40-15°     25°

Wind speed           12kt        11kt        11kt        11kt        14kt        11kt