Jump In Available(Transport support)

We have some slot for Transport Support program.

Wakayama local government offer us some budget.


1. Official logistics partner
Following 2 companies will be our official logistics partner for the 2016 Worlds.

Official freight forwarder: Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd.
Official customs broker and logistic provider: Shin-Ei Gumi Co., Ltd.

We strongly recommend to use our official partner for smooth transportation.

2. Schedule
   1. The latest arrival date at Osaka/Kobe port is Aug. 31, 2016
   2. Sep. 7: Our official logistic provider (Shin-Ei Gumi Co., Ltd.) will finish the container grounding.
   3. You will need to take care of the container devanning.
   4. Container will be kept at the harbor during the regatta.
   Any inquiries should be directed to your local Schenker office.

3. Payment
   1. Organising committee will recieve the estimate by the end of June.
   2. We will send the bill based on the TTS rate on Jul. 29.
   3. Please pay the fee by Aug. 31.
       If we cannot confirm your payment by Aug. 31, Support Program may be canceled.
   4. Please inform the organising committee as soon as possible in case if you will sell your boat in Japan.
       Deadline will be Sep.20,2016

Notes on container transportaion

1. Fire extinguisher, medicaments, quasi-drugs (including the first aid kit) are not allowed to transport with the container without license.
2. Foods, beverages (including water) are not allowed to transport with the container.
3. Please cover the transportation packaging with adequate insurance.